How does steam cleaning work?

It is not wrong to think of a steam cleaner as a glorified kettle. Think about when you boil an everyday kettle, the steam escapes from the spout giving a strong jet; a steam cleaner works in exactly the same way. The water inside the holder is heated to a very high temperature and expands; as it expands it needs to escape somewhere. The steam escapes through small holes in the nozzle of the steam cleaner that produce a high powered jet of steam which is what you clean with. The jet is very hot and powerful and melts away any germs, bacteria and dirt that may be lying around your furniture or floors. The steam also kills any allergens that may be lurking around and flushes away dust mites. Once the jet has been applied to a certain area it is very important to wipe away whatever is left and dry out the area thoroughly to prevent the chance of mould and mildew growing. At Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis we believe that Steam cleaners when used in the correct way are a healthy and practical alternative to chemical cleaning.

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