Taking Care of Hardwood Floors

If you think of your hardwood floor as an investment then you will have in your head that you have to watch it and look after it. Our Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis technicians claim that hardwood floors if cared for and cleaned regularly can last a life time. Since hardwood floors are very susceptible to scratching it is important not to drag any furniture along them and try not to walk in high heels. Sweep the floors regularly at least once a day as small pieces of dirt can become ingrained in the floor and lead to scratches and wear down the floor. It is a good idea to have door mats or carpet runners in areas of high traffic so that dirt is not ingrained on the floor and to protect the floor itself.

If there is a spill of any liquid clean it up immediately as this can cause warping and get under the floorboards. Never clean the hardwood floor with lots of water, if there is a sticky spot that you want to work on, use a damp cloth to clean it. If you have a lot of furniture in the room with the hardwood floor, place some coasters under the legs of the furniture to protect the floor from scratches when furniture is moved. By taking care of your hardwood floor, it will stay with you for ever.

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