Is there a way to safely and effectively remove wax stains from my carpet?

How many times have you dropped wax on your carpet and thought that is the end of your carpet? Well you should not think like that. Wax is not as difficult to get out as it may first appear to be. Using a little common sense and a gentle touch you can get most if not all of the wax out. First you must try and scrape off as much of the dry wax as you can, use a blunt knife or the side of an old credit card.

pet odor and stain removalOnce you have cleaned off as much as possible, Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis suggests you cover the remaining wax with some brown generic paper or greaseproof paper and get out your home iron. By using an iron that is warm and not boiling hot, you can slowly melt the remaining wax that is on your carpet. Rub the iron on top of the paper which is placed over the affected area back and forth slowly until the wax begins to melt. The melted wax is picked up and absorbed by the greaseproof paper. By using white greaseproof paper or brown generic paper, there are no dyes to soak into the carpet from the paper. Once you have picked up as much as you think is possible, let the wax harden again and scrape off the remaining bits that are left.

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