Mold Removal Minneapolis

Mold is like a silent disease that can sit in your home or office for months and cause very damaging effects. If spores are breathed in they can cause terrible breathing problems and in some case lead to severe illnesses. Mold is also very dangerous for young infants and children as well as the elderly who already have a weakened disposition. If you discover mold in your home, it is recommended to treat it immediately so that the problem does not spread.

Mold Removal Minneapolis offers a professional service that will send a consultant to your home to view the problem areas. Our consultants are fully trained in this specialist job and will advise the best way to deal with the mold spores, allergens and mycotoxins that are in your home. When dealing with mold it is very important to know how to treat it correctly as mold spores. Once air borne, it can spread around a room and house without you being aware of them.

mold remediation treatment

If you have an area in your home that has an accumulation of wetness or dampness, the consultant will advise on how best to deal with it and avoid the problem recurring, once he has removed the mold spores. In most cases our technicians will wet the affected area to safely remove the mold that is growing and then use high powered machinery to rapidly dry the area in order to prevent further mold growth. Depending on the severity of the problem, our consultants and technicians will advise how to deal with this as an ongoing problem and how to prevent reoccurrences. At carpet cleaning Minneapolis we are well aware of the dangers of mold growing around a home and will work together with you to make your home a safer, mold-free environment.

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