Rug Cleaning Minneapolis

A rug although very useful is also a prized possession, it is chosen with care to match your décor and is often something that you have spent quite a sum of money on. At rug cleaning Minneapolis we appreciate the sentimental and real value of your rugs and take extra special care when cleaning them.

One of our Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis expert consultants will come to your home or office wherever the rug or rugs are located and review the item. He will then work with you on a 3-fold plan to clean and renew your rug to its former glory, sometimes it may involve taking the rug back to our off site factory. Other rugs can be cleaned on site. All of our consultants and technicians are highly trained experts in the field of fibers, carpets and rugs. Before even starting the cleaning process we will check the rug for color fastness in a small inconspicuous corner.

Rug cleaning Minneapolis service treats your rug as a work of art and we take very good care of it from the minute we begin working with it. No color draining chemicals are used and you can be assured that if there are fringes we will wash them by hand if necessary to ensure that there is no damage. All of our consultants and technicians are fully insured as is your rug; the job is not finished until you are totally satisfied with the results. By using Rug Cleaning Minneapolis you have the chance to make your prize rugs look like new once again.

Free Pickup and Delivery of Rugs

Some rugs are the most prized possessions in the house and you are very wary of letting anyone take them for cleaning. Minneapolis free pickup and delivery of rugs service provides a thoroughly professional and efficient service for cleaning your prized rugs.

No matter where you are and what your schedule is, our free pickup team can work out with you when the most convenient time is for a free pick up. We are professionals that are pedantic about the care of your rugs and understand the importance of looking after them. The rugs are taken to an off site facility where we clean them thoroughly and treat each one with individual care. Our off site facility checks each and every rug for color fastness and reactions to the cleaning aids we use in an inconspicuous area of the rug before the full treatment starts.

Once the rug is cleaned and has passed our quality control team it is ready to be returned to you. Again our free delivery team will contact you to fit in with your schedule for the return of your rug or rugs. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your rug and would like it be cleaned again, we will oblige. At Minneapolis free pick up and delivery of rugs we put the rugs and our customer's first, quality service is our motto and this is what we at Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis provide.

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