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No job is too large for UCM Cleaning Services (AKA: Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis, Minneapolis Carpet Cleaning) or too small for our crews. If you think your office or home is beginning to look grubby and you are just not managing to get the grime and dirt out, then one phone call will solve all your problems.

Call in one of the consultants from UCM Cleaning Services to come and give you a free estimate, no commitment is necessary. A consultant will come to your home and advise the best and most efficient methods for cleaning your carpets, furniture, grout and so on.

Carpet Cleaners Minneapolis, MN 55404
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We provide so many quality services that in some ways you can definitely say that we have a service for everyone. All of our teams of technicians have undergone a rigorous training program and are aware of all of the delicate issues involved when entering someone's home or office to clean. All of our workers are 100% trustworthy and fully insured so you should have no worries about letting them into your home to clean. The UCM Cleaning Services experience is a truly enjoyable and satisfying one and if you are not happy with our work, we will come back until you are.
The customer comes first at Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis.

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