Steam Cleaning Service Minneapolis

At Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis we believe that vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis does not mean that your carpets are spotless and never need professional cleaning. Vacuuming takes out the surface dirt that can be seen, there is plenty of other dirt, dust mites and allergens that are under the pile of the carpet and hidden from view. By using a professional steam cleaning service such as Steam cleaning Minneapolis, your carpets will be rid of the difficult to see dust mites and allergens. It is recommended to professionally steam clean your carpets at least once a year and more if there is a lot of traffic and activity on the carpets.

The steam cleaning methods that steam cleaning Minneapolis employs attacks the allergens that are hidden under the top layers of the carpet. The experts from steam cleaning service Minneapolis know how to treat each different carpet depending on the fiber make up of the particular carpet. The service uses truck mounted equipment that is powerful and efficient. A suitable detergent is applied with water to the carpets and then a high powered jet of steam is directed at the carpet to kill all of the invisible to the human eye particles. The water that remains is sucked up by a water extraction pump and your carpet looks like new. Depending on the type of fibers that your carpet is made up of will depend on which detergents are used as a pre-clean.

Steam cleaning does not have to be used just for carpets; floors, cupboards and other areas of your home or office can be cleaned using the steam cleaning methods from steam cleaning service Minneapolis. A steam clean offers the chance for a healthier and cleaner environment to live in.

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