Andover Carpet Cleaning

Andover carpet cleaning service offers you the opportunity for some leisure time to enjoy this rich and exciting city that you live in. Andover was originally named Round Lake Township but over the years developed different names until it came to be called Andover, as we know it today which is apparently named after a railway station.

There are many theories on why the name Andover was used, some relate to a story of a train that rolled over and over, whereas others relate to the name deriving from the Railways board. All of these interesting facts and more can be learnt when visiting many of the fascinating museums and old houses that still exist in the area. Museums are not everyone's cup of tea and there are plenty of other activities to do in the area. With a population of over 30000, Andover has something for everyone. There are numerous recreational parks and trails to visit including the well known Kelsey Round Lake Park that has many activities for all the family. Or if you like a bit more adventure, try the Bunker Back Water Park. But if a quiet life is what you seek then take advantage of some time to yourself to visit the art galleries and shopping districts that are evident all over the city.

It is a shame to be cooped up in the house cleaning when you live in such a vibrant city. Carpet cleaning Andover will take care of your entire home needs leaving you to enjoy the beauty and richness of this amazing city.

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