St Paul Carpet Cleaning

St. Paul Carpet Cleaning - Looking for environmentally friendly carpet cleaning in St Paul? St Paul Carpet Cleaning is here to meet all of your 'green' carpet cleaning needs!

We are a leading cleaning team specializing in home & office carpet & upholstery cleaning. Small or large, we can tackle any job you have for us.

Carpet Cleaning St Paul - Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning St Paul offers carpet steam cleaning For those who interested in chemical-free yet amazingly effective carpet cleaning. Because this cleaning method has become so popular, we have invested in top-of-the-line, technologically superior steam cleaning machines. Our truck-mounted steam cleaner is tons more powerful than any steam cleaning machine you can rent from a grocery store or hardware store.

What does this power mean for you? Well, let us explain the steam cleaning process first. Steam cleaning uses hot water as its only cleaning agent, therefore it is entirely environment, people and pet safe. Hot water is injected deep within the carpet fibers, agitating the dirt and debris loose, and then the water and the dirt is sucked up through a vacuum. Because our machines are really powerful, the greater force behind the water loosens more dirt, and more dirt and water is sucked up. This saves you time, in that you don't have to wait as long for the carpet to dry, and saves you money, in that you will have to steam clean the carpets less frequently, since they will be cleaner!

St Paul Carpet Cleaning - Environmentally Cleaning

Along with carpet steam cleaning, St Paul Carpet Cleaning offers environmentally friendly upholster cleaning, furniture cleaning, area rug cleaning, and even oriental carpet cleaning. Combining with complete HVAC and air duct cleaning for cleaner air & money/power saving we are proud to provide an amazingly effective service, while using only self-neutralizing, bio-degradable and non-toxic chemicals and compounds, allowing you to rest assured that your family, guests and pets are safe and healthy.

Additional Cleaning Services

We at Carpet Cleaning St. Paul offer a wide range of professional cleaning services in Minneapolis for offices and houses throughout St. Paul including: ceramic tile cleaning and grout cleaning, fire and water damage restoration services and even complete maintenance treatment and refinishing hardwood floors services.

Call Carpet Cleaning Minneapolis now at 612-605-4492 to learn more about our Carpet Cleaning!

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